Give him me 

There is a boy

And his proximity me enjoy

He is tall and so pretty

And I am just like a little kitty

Look cute as a little girl at him

And I open my lashes with one wing

He looks at me with his dark brown eyes

So I inside dies

Because I like him a lot

And he is so fucking hot

This smile

And his style

His full lips which are rimmed by his beard

And I his sound of voice the first time heard

What did he think

Would he buy me a drink?

Or better: did he think the same?

Because that all is not just a game

It’s the game of love

And I don’t want just to laugh

I want someone who is like he

So please give him me

I just need him more than air

Because about myself I don’t care


Verfasst am 12. Juli. 2016


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